We are grateful for the table that God has spread before us and we are grateful for the tables that God has brought us to. A great portion of Jesus’ ministry was accomplished around a table. As we move into this new year may we all see the table, not just as an opportunity to eat, but an opportunity to really get to know our family and friends (both old and new). Let us also see the table as a place to meet with people that may disagree with us but that we find the common ground of compassion for another, even in the midst of our various opinions and view points. Finally, God let us also see the table as the place that you used through your Son to advance the kingdom through the mission of love and the thing that we all hold in common, a meal.

Join us this month at the table…we are holding a seat for you!


Save the Date
October 2nd – 4th
3rd Year Celebration

Dream Team

Saturday Prayer
Conference Call
6:30pm – 7:00pm