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We want to make sure that everyone is able to engage in the worship experience. Hear an encouragement reflection from Pastor Rhoda and a timely word from Pastor Jason. God’s word is what is going to get us through!

Everyday Celebrate. Remain determined to Connect. And continue to Care.


Sunday Live Service!

To hear this message join us LIVE during our Sunday morning service. We would be glad to see you and worship with you and your family and friends. During this unprecedented season, we have taken every precaution to provide a safe environment for you to worship in. If you are unable to join us LIVE then click on the tab below and join in on our brand new Sunday ONLINE Experience!


Sunday ONLINE Experience

Make the Most of Your Words | September 20, 2020


Archived Messages

Below you can view select messages from our catalogue. If you would like to view or hear additional messages either from Pastor Jason or Pastor Rhoda, they can be accessed as TableTurner either on YouTube or on your favorite major podcasting platforms.

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Taking the Power Out of Fear by Pastor Jason Turner

Blood Report by Pastor Jason Turner

Fear Not by Pastor Jason Turner

Say the Name by Pastor Jason Turner

Call the Name by Pastor Jason Turner

Above Every Name by Pastor Jason Turner

Faith That Shocks Jesus by Pastor Jason Turner

Faith That Shocks Jesus part 2 by Pastor Jason

Faith That Shocks Jesus III by Pastor Jason Turner



Love Your Neighbor by Pastor Rhoda Turner

Get Your Lean On by Pastor Rhoda Turner

Casting My Cares by Pastor Rhoda Turner

God Is With You by Pastor Rhoda Turner

Forgiveness by Pastor Rhoda Turner

Your Name, His Voice by Pastor Rhoda Turner

Play Catch part 2 by Pastor Rhoda Turner

Trusting In God by Pastor Rhoda Turner

The Manual by Pastor Rhoda Turner