Pastor Jason Turner

Jason Turner began in ministry at the age of 12. It has always been his objective to simply present the gospel of Jesus Christ in a clear and relevant way. Throughout the years, God has used him to minister life and salvation to literally tens of thousands of people. It is without question that his life is an example of one that is given to the purposes of God.

Jason Turner is also an advocate for equipping emerging ministry leaders and this is evident in his former tenure as President of Dominion Bible College and in his current commitment as consultant to various ministries and ministry leaders throughout the country. 

Prior to his appointment as Senior Pastor, Jason Turner served as Executive of Church Services and Associate Pastor to General Board Member Bishop Darrell L. Hines Sr. at Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Milwaukee, WI.

Today, Jason Turner serves as Lead Pastor of Christian Faith Fellowship Church | Arizona. He has been in ministry for over 30 years but he will tell you that he is most proud of his 24-year marriage to Rhoda and their four amazing daughters. 

For the purposes of enquiring about engagements, Pastor Jason’s office can be reached at