Plan A Visit

 Steps to Planning Your Visit

 1. Choose A Celebration Experience

WKND or MDWK or Saturday Prayer or all of them. We would love to see you at every experience!

 2. What to Wear

Dress for the WKND ranges from casual to business professional. Dress for MDWK and Saturday Prayer is typically casual. But please just come as you are. Our focus is you and not what you are wearing.

 3. Parking

There is ample parking. When you arrive you will be greeted with a smile and directed by a member of our Dream Team.

 4. Welcome & Come On In!

We are so glad you made it! As you walk through the doors a member of our Host Team will greet you with a smile and they will help you to get situated and prepared to be a part of our WKND. Provisions have been made for your children and youth so be sure to inquire when you arrive or you can check their schedule on this site at Children’s Church and Student Ministry.

Now sit back, relax, breathe and get ready to encounter God and connect with our amazing church community!

Welcome to Christian Faith fellowship Church | Arizona.